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Industrial Training in Noida

Industrial Training in Noida
Industrial training has a program aiming to provide supervised practical training within a certain time span. This training can be done both in government and the private sector. Industrial training is important for creating a done student work done. Industrial Training refers to its professional development experience before the main subject. One of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Engineering is that students must complete at least 12 weeks (only Science Faculty students) of Industrial Training. Industrial Training is normally accumulated during the semester breaks at the end of the third or fourth year. For Engineering Faculty students 24 weeks as SIWES during the 2nd semester of 400L and long vacation. The main aim of the Industrial Training program is to produce graduates who are ready to face the working world. The program also aims to produce the knowledgeable, skilled and experienced graduates, demanded by employers, who are able to apply the knowledge acquired at university to the working world. The industrial training program offers opportunities for exposure to the world, so graduates more aware of the hopes and expectations of the industry from them. The program also provides experienced students with real work. Placement of students in the field also increases their employment opportunities after graduation, as there is a strong possibility that they have a place in the same place as they do their training. In addition, the training experience will further strengthen the learning process and campus activities, and the student provides work experience in the field.

The objective of the Advisers visit to the training place is as follows:

Ø  To visit the students involved with Industrial training and to discuss with them and the officers involved in giving the training on the matter of the training program or other matter concerned/relevant. Separate discussions will be held with the Lecturer and the training supervisor as well as with the students.
Ø  To visit other former graduate of engineering faculty who are may working in the training organizations, which can give, feedback on the courses offered by the university?
Ø  To brief the officer of the training organizations on the engineering courses as well as making relations with the faculty.
Ø  To survey any new training places for industrial training.
Ø  To discuss on the possibility on accepting the graduate to work with company. The students and the company will be informing on the date and time of the visit.
Ø  It also diversifies their practical experience and helps them in developing the attributes of team work and correlation with members of other professions and disciplines.

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Industrial training in noida

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