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Paris airport transfer

Paris is one of the strategic centers in Europe and has a network of superlative services that are incredibly efficient. No other city in Europe or perhaps can boast is operated in the world by three international stations and seven stations. Paris is also well connected with the rest of the country and the continent by an incredible network of mind riding trails. The Seine River flows through the main avenue of the city, where ferries, boats and hydrofoils layers regularly. Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG) is the main international airport with three terminals. Guests arriving at the airport of Charles de Gaulle with the family and the first half of your stay in Paris Euro Disney, there are a thousand interchanges CDG Disneyland.
Although there are many airports in Paris, Charles De Gaulle (CDG) is the main international airport and this airport is that many people to France. The usual way of the shuttle to the airport in Paris is the city of the river will follow the Seine from the south towards the center. If the driver takes the Quai de Bercy, you will pass the Parc de Bercy on the road. A pleasant place to walk, the park is a network of pathways through nine gardens with features including trellised vines, a maze, a fragrance garden and "House of Gardening", where children can learn about growing vegetables. The gardens are home to the unusual Musée des Arts Forains, which is a museum of old, rides and toys.
 You can see some very old bicycles and merry-go-round here, but you will need to book because entrance is by appointment only. If you arrived from the airport, the view is very clear. While you may have flown over the city of love (depending on your approach), if you walk out of the terminal doors you are confronted with a rather gloomy environment. While you get intermittent bus or train, the best way to reach the center is with me as a shuttle to the airport in Paris. I take care of people who need transportation to the airport - it really takes the hassle out of the onward journey. Nobody really wants to drag our suitcases up and down lots of stairs to catch the train or at a number of Parisian sweated for an hour tours are packed with traffic. The holidays are to enjoy, and you should not have to spend emphasized a moment of your time. Travel with me on the shuttle to the airport in Paris was worth it, both on arrival and departure. This is another way to Disneyland to CDG. The good side is that the trains are fast and comfortable. Trains depart from the TGV / RER station at Terminal 2, which can be accessed through the circular shuttle bus you get on arrival gate. You can also use the shuttle to the TGV / RER station.
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